Hotel with own farm and butcher's shop

Quality that you can taste!

Having our own farm is important for our kitchen! Only high-quality beef and pork is sold in our farm butcher's shop. (EU APPROVAL SINCE JULY 2009)

In July 2007 we built our own stables on the outskirts of Triefenried, in which we keep 50 cattle and pigs. For breeding purposes we purchase exclusively male Bavarian cattle from nearby mother cow businesses, where the calves are born in the meadow. They come to our stables at an age of approx. 6 months and a weight of about 200 kg and are fed up to a weight of 650 kg. For over four decades now, our bulls have been fed only the best, daily freshly mixed fodder – silo maize, hay, corn pellets and minerals from our own farm fields. Our farm is thus independent of the fodder industry and its much-discussed problems.

The animals are slaughtered directly on the farm, making stressful animal transport unnecessary and guaranteeing outstanding meat quality. It doesn't shrink in the pan and regular guests testify that the meat tastes good: "like in the old days" - savoury and tender.

We have had our own pig breeding programme since 2007. Our pigs are slaughtered in the farm's own butcher's shop and then processed into meat specialities and cold cuts by trained personnel and sold.

Brotzeitkorb vom Wellnesshotel Weber, Bayerischer Wald

Meat and cold cuts to take home

Enjoy our outstanding meat specialities and cold cuts at home, too.

Opening times: Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri: 8 am to 6 pm; Tue and Sat: until 12 noon.

Give us your order two days before your departure and we will vacuum-pack our specialities for you – that way your purchases will arrive fresh on your table at home.

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